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Are only dogs available?

At the moment, yes.  As we expand we will eventually include cats as well.

How many breeds do you intend on making?

We’ve begun with the 10 most popular breeds, according to the AKC, and will continue to add more depending on demand.

Can you make one that looks like exactly mine?

At the moment, no. Currently we produce mass quantities of each breed, with the most  common traits of that breed in mind. However, we do hope to someday in the future be able to accommodate custom orders.

Will you do people?

No, just pets. You will have to find another way to cherish Grandma & Grandpa.

What is Neoprene? Why did you make the urn out of Neoprene?

Neoprene is a rubber fabric that is commonly used to make wetsuits and laptop sleeves. It is durable enough to allow you to hug your Heavenly Pal without having its contents compromised. The neoprene will simply expand when you apply pressure to it.

Why put a zipper slider with a lock?

Even though a Heavenly Pal is not a toy, it looks like one, and children may gravitate toward it. We’ve ensured that the product is safe and secure by including a lock. Once the Heavenly Pal is locked and the key is removed, your pet’s remains will be safe from children or anyone with prying eyes.

Why the emphasis on “high-quality” fabrics?

Well, your dog is more than just your pet. It’s your best friend. It’s a member of your family. Out of respect for your loved one we ensure that our materials and manufacturing are nothing less than top notch. 

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