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Hello world! Nice to meet you. I’m Jeff Pearce

Hello world!

It’s nice to meet you. I am Jeff Pearce and I am the creator of Heavenly Pals. All my life I have been dreaming of bringing one of my inventions to market and now I am. The only way I can describe it is like when a bird takes its first flight. Its scary, you don’t know how it will end, but you know that you were born to do it.

I wasn’t kidding when I said “my whole life.” I have been inventing since I was a kid. Of course when I was a kid my biggest disappointment was finding out that what I just invented already existed. But hey, I was kid! How much do you when you’re a kid? Apparently not that much…

Growing up I would put my ideas down on paper and present them to my father who was a carpenter. “Dad, do you think we can make this?” Now, I turn to a woman named Jen and say, “Jen, can we make this?”

Another consist in my life have been dogs. My family always had a dog. Growing up we had 2 at a time. First we had Boo Boo and Baby. When Boo died we got Buster. When Babe died we got Belvedere. Yes, its Pearce family tradition to name our dog with name that begins with the letter B.

When Buster died my mother took it really hard. He was a great and loving dog and he really stood out from all the other dogs we had in the past. One of her co-workers gave her a stuffed animal that resembled him and she would place that stuffed animal on her bed, on the couch where he used to like to sleep. She would hold it and caress it. Up until then I had never seen her mourn like that before so it really made an impression on me. It wasn’t like she did this once or twice. It went on for several months.

So I got the idea for Heavenly Pals but observing my mother’s behavior. Eventually I put pen to paper drafted out my idea. When I was ready I got the patent for it. Several prototypes later and here I am bringing you Heavenly Pals.



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